Personalised nutritional advice for a happy, healthy and beautiful you!

Do you want to take it a step further? Then come see us for personalised nutritional advice. Anouk makes sure it blends in with your current lifestyle and adjusts it to any physical complaints and/or specific goals you have. This one on one counseling could just be that extra boost you needed to reach your goals!

During the extensive intake Personal Coach Anouk will ask about your health and if you have any physical complaints. You will receive a manual with a sample menu that is tailored to your needs. Directly after the consultation you will receive a personalised nutritional advice by e-mail. During the process there’s always room for questions and mail contact with your Personal Coach. Cause we love to see you glow!

Dietary advice is (partially) covered by a basic insurance. Check your policy for this.

What can we help you with?

• Allergies

• Asthma & eczema

• Intestinal disorders

• Detoxing

• Diabetes

• Weight problems

• High blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases

• Hormonal disruptions, menopause, PCOS

• Skin problems

• Sports nutrition

• Plant-based diet

• Pregnancy & breastfeeding

Who is our foodie?

"My name is Anouk, I am 27 years old and just became a mom of a son. Since 2 years I am working as a Personal Coach at The Green Happiness.

During my business studies my interest in nutrition and naturopathy took over. Over the years I have deepened and developed this interest by devouring many books and following courses on these topics. Soon followed by the decision to study Orthomolecular Medicine and a career at The Green Happiness.

Guiding and inspiring clients to get the best out of themselves gives me great energy! I believe that pure and healthy eating can have a positive effect on how you feel, both mentally and physically! And it’s all about the right balance, and this balance is different for every person. During a consultation we try to find the perfect balance for you!”

Visit us for a consultation at our office in Eindhoven (Hallenweg 7) It is also possible to have a consultation over the phone or Skype!

Anouk’s profile

• Orthomolecular Medicine
• Master of Business Administration
• Bachelor International Business
• Natural food
• Medical Basic knowledge
• NLP Practitioner
• Deacidification and detoxing
• Detox Coach
• Biotensor
• Bach Flower remedy

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