Hello beautiful!

In cosmetics a lot of substances are used that are harmful for your skin. Substances that can cause clogged pores or worse, that are poisonous or carcinogenic. Don’t worry we have done the research for you! We only work with brands that are effective AND green. So harmless to humans, animals and our planet! Our products are paraben, fragrance, colorant and cruelty free. We are here to help you detox your beauty routines! We can greenify your make-up stash and make your skin glow like never before with our effective, skin improving treatments.

Acne, sun damage, aging, eczema, rosacea, sensitive skin and so on. Why does our skin react this way? After all, it’s the biggest excretory organ we have. On average our skin weighs around 11 kg/ 24 lb! With our treatments we can achieve fantastic results. We will take a close look at your beauty routines and tweak them if necessary. Healing yourself from the inside should absolutely be part of that routine. We are convinced that skin problems are often directly connected to the food we eat. Skin cells are made up of nutrients that enter the blood through the intestines and are transported to the cells. So it is not surprising that the quality of our skin is not only determined by external care, but also by our diet.


Be your own kind of beautiful.