What we do at ReBird

Feeling fit, beautiful and sexy depends on a lot factors. Of course we all feel too fat, too skinny, exhausted, not pretty, depressed or insecure sometimes. A GLOWING appearance doesn’t happen by itself. Certainly not in the time we live in. A busy (city) life combined with negative external influences requires that we give ourselves extra love and attention! That’s why at ReBird we think beyond today. To achieve this we work together with the right people and join forces for a HAPPY, HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL YOU.

Beauty... Nutrition.... Sports...

At ReBird we offer everything for a beautiful you; facials, brows, PMU, microneedling and much more.

A healthy diet is key, that’s why our foodie can help you like no other with a personalized nutritional advice.

Working out is one of the three main things that make you healthy, happy and beautiful. That’s why we offer you the chance to blow off some steam during an intensive (kick)boxing work-out. We are a big fan of the TRX Suspension training and love to boost our energy with ROCK YOUR BODY.

It’s clear that at ReBird we are constantly working on health, nutrition, sport, beauty and environment. In order to feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin we are convinced there’s more to it than just taking care of the outside. For example, skin problems are usually directly connected to an unhealthy lifestyle. By making the right choices in your beauty and health routines you also contribute to a better world! Everything for a HAPPY, HEALHTY & BEAUTIFUL YOU.

Want to join us?

We love to work together with the right people to achieve this goal! Are you an entrepreneur and interested in working with us? We love to hear your ideas. You can send an e-mail to info@rbrd.nl!