From bodybuilder to ballet dancer...

TRX is accessible to everyone, from bodybuilder to ballet dancer. Lie, stand and hang. There are so many possibilities. Training in a smaller group (max. 6 people) with all the attention, very personal and effective. TRX Suspension training is a training of 50 minutes. In those 50 minutes all your muscles are tackled from head to toe. The way to become stronger, train your core muscles, create a tighter body, accelerate your metabolism and improve your balance and flexibility.

The TRX suspension training uses a tire with two handles. Because the TRX suspension trainer is hung up, you can perform many different fitness exercises where (a part of) the body weight is used as a resistance. In contrast to many regular fitness equipment that restricts the freedom of movement, a similar exercise on the TRX suspension trainer requires better technique and more stabilization to perform the exercise well. This has the advantage that muscles are activated more strongly and thereby more muscles are activated to stabilize the body during the movement. With this training you use force, balance, flexibility and trunk stability. You take it with your body weight against gravity. The Core (the center of the body, including the abdominal and lower back muscles) is also very well trained and will become stronger all over the body, instead of just one muscle, because weak spots are effectively trained. In addition, the energy consumption at rest after training will increase because many muscles are trained at the same time.

Training schedule:

 • Tuesday 19:00 - 20:00

4 months, 16 lessons € 144.00

It's only for the lucky 6!

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See our house rules for more information. You train with 6 people max.