We love eyebrows!

Beautifully shaped eyebrows give you confidence and a great look. The shape of your eyebrows determines a lot of your facial expression. When perfectly shaped they lift your face and draw the attention to your eyes.

Are you insecure about the shape of your eyebrows or don’t know how to treat them? We are happy to help you! Boosting the growth of your eyebrows or giving them a deeper tone usually already gives the desired effect.

Brow powerrrrrrr...

Check out our brow bar, treatments from €10,00

Go to ‘BOOK ONLINE’ at the top of the page, and see all the treatments we have to offer. Click on description to see which treatment is suitable for your brows. If you book a treatment online but upon arriving we see your brows need a different treatment, we will discuss this in advance. This way we can bring out the best in your brows!

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