Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.

With permanent make-up (PMU) you look perfectly groomed day and night. Even without make-up you have a well-groomed yet natural appearance. PMU is suitable for anyone who wants to look immaculate all the time. With PMU you boost what mother nature gave you. You never have to be worried anymore about smeared make-up when being at the beach, the swimming pool or the sauna and then quickly having to redo your make-up.

How does it work?

With a sterile needle module the pigmentation is applied just below the surface of the upper skin layer. With this, corrections and/or improvements can be made to the shape of the eyes and eyebrows. The way of applying the pigmentation and the pigments and materials all meet the strict quality requirements of (i.a.) the GGD and the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.
The pigmentations give a great and natural look and stay good for 1 year. After that it will slowly fade. We advise to have it redone once a year. About 3 to 4 weeks after the treatment you need to come back for a follow-up treatment for the finishing touches.


We always plan a brow treatment prior to the PMU treatment. This way we can perfectly shape your eyebrows and determine which shape is best for you. Sometimes your eyebrows still have to grow, and it’s better to wait a bit before you start your PMU brow-treatment. We always want to get the best result for you!

During the treatment your eyebrows are drawn in with a pencil and we determine the color. We adjust the shape to the contours of your face, so it looks very natural. Then we apply the pigmentation (ombre), so that you keep and/or get a natural look.

By applying an eye-liner, your eyes are accentuated, making them look bigger and more pronounced and your eyelash implant fuller. At ReBird we like subtle eyeliners!


For who is PMU suitable?

Permanent make-up is suitable for people that:

• Have no or very thin eyebrows

• Want fuller eyebrows

• Are tired of drawing or shaping their eyebrows

• Have difficulty doing their make-up or little time to do so

• Don’t have hair anymore

• Wear contact lenses or glasses

• Go to the sauna or beach

• Are allergic to regular make-up

It’s not possible to book a PMU treatment online. This because we have to do an intake and a brow treatment first. So go to 'BOOK NOW ONLINE' at the top of the page and book one of our brow treatments, so we can get to know your eyebrows for the best result!

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